Shown with Sch 40 3" PVC pole (not included).

Photo 2: Xs are made from 4" square PVC.

Classic X design adjusts easily to three different heights

Collars are glued, riveted, and pre-drilled on both sides

Stackable with any type pole to make jumps or barriers.
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CAVALLETTI (Italian for "little horses" ) are ground rails or poles on low stands. They keep the rails from rolling out of place when touched, and some models also make it possible to adjust the height.
SCHOOLING WITH CAVALLETTI is important for both horse and rider of all disciplines. The uses are nearly endless. We have the best, and it's also very affordable.

•CLASSIC X DESIGN: The time-tested X design gives you three different heights, approximately 7", 12", and 18". The exact heights depend on the pole which you use.

•LIGHT, TOUGH, MAINTENANCE-FREE: Lighter than wood 4 x 4s, they will not rot, will never need paint, and can stay outdoors.
•VERSATILE:Slip your own pole through the collar on each X. It will take standard round, octagonal and square wood poles, PVC poles, nearly any pole or rail suitable for use with horses. Most fasten easily inside the collars. For oversize or non-standard poles, see our pole measuring Information.

•QUICK AND EASY ADJUSTMENT:just turn. Unlike some other designs, it's possible to change heights by turning with one hand while holding a horse.

•STACKABLE: Make adjustable jumps or barriers. This is the only PVC X-model cavaletti that stacks when used without square poles.

•UNIQUE FEATURE: A collar added to each X. This allows easy setup, your choice of poles, and stackability. Made of the same tough square PVC as the X, each collar is glued and riveted for strength, then pre-drilled on two sides for easy assembly.

•READY TO SHIP: Many designs make you wait for weeks to receive your order. Some are only made after they're sold, others must be drop-shipped from a manufacturer. Equecentral Cavalletti are hand made on our premises, in stock and ready to ship within two business days.

•EASY ASSEMBLY: The X stands come assembled, ready for you to add your own pole. All you need is a screwdriver - fasteners and instructions are included.

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